Project : CROSS——2014 Guangzhou International Design Week C&C Pavilion
Location: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo, Guangdong, China
Design Date: November, 2014
Completion Date: December, 2014
Design Area: 91M2
Cross, virtuality and reality.
Encounter, is the scenery that has never been seen.
Negative is not all useless.
The otherworld is full of flowers.
A waster paper and a time of deny, is the affirmation after many times of being denied in depth of heart.
A folding paper and a belief, are the Noah’s Ark that leading us to head ahead.
Design is a happy encounter, from this world to the other world, and we are freely travelling through dreams and reality.
Design is kind of spiritual cultivation, and we will not forget our original dreams though the roads ahead are rugged and surely we will reach the ideal other world.
Designers may crumple and toss their drawings when they think the draft drawings are not feasible, but when they open the crumpled drawings they once tossed after drawing many drawings, they often have new discoveries… That’s design, make affirmation in denying. The design week exhibition space of C&C Design Co., Ltd. in this year will be designed of a “folding paper”, which indicates that we will not forget our original dreams, because on the long path of life, we will interpret “design” as a kind transition, which needs our faith and sincerity.
On the exhibition platform of open space of irregularity and limitlessness, the tourism routine and function space are effectively organized and reflected on the wall and ground multiple media for the interaction with audience on the spot and unexpectedly become the children’s paradise.